Certificate in Media Animation & Design

Bell Institute’s strong links with the animation and games industries have resulted in programs which are industry-focussed and cutting-edge in their content. At Bell Institute, our animation courses focus on the key areas of knowledge that are in high-demand by industry. These include the study of 2D and 3D animation techniques, as well as special effects. Bell Institute’s flexible study environment encompasses a range of highly-regarded animation qualifications to meet with your needs.

Certificate Course Units

CDM001 Introduction to design (Free Hand Design)
CDM 002 2D Vector Design using Corel Draw
CDM 003 Photo editing techniques using Photoshop
CDM 004 2D Illustration using IlustratorCS
CDM 005 principles of 2D animation using Macromedia Flash
CDM 006 Principles of Video editing using Adobe Premier
CDM 007 Principles of 3D animation using 3d Studiomax
CDM 004 Audio techniques and MDI sequencing Principles
CDM 005 Sound Production and Jingles generation using Fruity loops
CDM 006 Certificate Animation Project.

Course Overview

Course Duration: 3 Months
Registration fee: 1000
Course cost: 24,000 (8000 per month)
Project fee: 3,000