Our students produce some of the best designs in the industry in Graphics, animation, computer aided design, computer aided engineering, and video production.

Many of our students use these creations as their portfolios for purposes of job search or to get their first business in self employment. the portfolios are very creative pieces of work by the students. We have featured here a small sample from each of the courses, to give prospective students and parents an idea of what the students learn.

view 2D Design
View 3D design
View AutoCad

1. CAD 1
2. CAD 2
3. CAD 3
4. CAD 4
5. CAD 5

view ArchiCad
view Prokon
view Animation

1. Two Karen
2. Two br 8 units
3. King'ara Bungalow
4. King'ara Bungalow 2
5. Ruiru Bungalow

1. Teeth animation
2. Internal flythru

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