Certificate in LapTop Repair

This technical course prepares students who would wish to be computer and laptopTechnicians. This is a skilled course that many students have found very important.

The need for Qualified Technical persons continues to increase and especially in laptop, palmtop and Mobile phone repairs. It is a fact that out of 100 students, 80 own a laptop or hand held device.It is also a fact that people prefer therir laptop to be repaired by their colleagues or by someone trusted.

Course Units​

Part 1

1.Basic Electronics

  • Electronic components and how to test them
  • Solder and soldering techniques

2.Taking apart a laptop

3.Case studies(step by step practical)


4.Troubleshooting common laptop problems

  • Keyboard problems
  • RAM (removal and upgrading)
  • types of RAM
  • CD and DVD problems, types of drivers
  • HDD problems
  • Replacing broken screens
  • Types of laptop screens
  • Motherboard Drivers
  • Dim display
  • No display
  • Dealing with overheating laptops
  • laptop power problems(DC jack issues)
  • Audio not working
  • USB not working
  • Replacing WIFI cards
  • Cleaning/servicing a laptop
  • How to handle liquid spillage on laptops
  • BIOS setup

Part 2:

  • Understanding the laptop motherboard
  • SMDs and how to solder and resolder them
  • BGAs and how to reflow them
  • Case studies
  • How to run a laptop repair business.

Course Overview

Duration: Section 1 – two weeks
Section 2 – two weeks

Intakes: Every first Monday of the month
Minimum Req: O Level grade D+ and above

Timings: 9-11, 11-1, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8.
Reg: 1000; Fees: 12,000