Diploma in Digital Video Production

With the profusion of new technologies, including the internet, mobile phones, DVD and other devices, the call for video production is louder than ever. Combine this with the more traditional mediums and it is easy to imagine an exciting and creative career in the Digital Video Production Industry. Employment occurs predominantly in advertising, entertainment, corporate and educational sectors.

Careers in Digital Video Production
Career opportunities in this field range from writers to special effects production and include roles such as:
  • Assistant Director
  • Camera Operator
  • Editor
  • Special Effects producer
  • Sound Designer
  • Audio Editor
  • DVD Producer
  • Project Manager
  • Compositor
  • Web Video Producer
  • Independent Digital Film Maker


Diploma Course Units

DVP001 2d Vector illustration using Corel Draw.
DVP 002 Photo Editing using PhotoShop
DVP 003 Video camera Operations & Lighting
DVP 004 Sound Production and Editing Techniques
DVP 005 Video production and Editing techniques.
DVP 006 Video Project works

DVP006 2D Animation using Flash
DVP007 3D Animation Techniques
DVP008 creating Video Effects using Adobe after effects
DVP009 Script Writing and Storyboard Production
DVP 010 Photography and Lighting
DVP 011 Directing in Video Production
DVP 012 Entrepreneurship Skills in Video Production
DVP 013 Media and Press Laws
DVP 014 Video production projects (Real world project)


Course Overview

ICM Examinations
Course Duration: 6 Months
Reg Fees: 1000
Fees: 42,000 payable as 7,000/= per month
Project/Exam fee: 3,000