Diploma in Graphic Design

Learn the process and art of combining text and graphics to communicate an effective message through the design of Logos, brochures, newsletter, magazines, posters, signs, and other types of visual communications.

Receive extensive training in vector drawing, bitmap drawing, design effects such as accented edges, pixelate, crosshatch, sumi -e, noise, sharpen, de-spekle, emboss, extrude, and many others.

the software used includes but is not limited to Adobe photoshop, Coreldraw and Illustrator.

Diploma Course Units
Stage 1
  • DGD 001 Freehand Drawing & Layout Design
  • DGD002 Graphic Design I – CorelDraw
  • DGD003 Graphic Design II – Adobe Illustrator
  • DGD004 Graphic Design III – Adobe Photoshop
  • DGD005 Photography and Scanning Techniques
  • DGD006 Stage I project / Project Portfolio
Stage 2
  • DGD007 Digital Multimedia Production – Flash
  • DGD008 Book illustration & Design – Adobe Indesign
  • DGD009 Web Design I – HTML
  • DGD010 Web Design II – Dreamweaver
    DGD011 Printing Technologies, Color Separation & Scanning Techniques
  • DGD012 Stage II Project
Stage 3
  • GD013 Graphic Design III- Fireworks
  • DGD014 Graphic Design IV – Quark Express
  • DGD015 Corporate branding & pitching Techniques
  • DGD016 Professional Practice in Graphic Design
  • DGD017 End of Diploma project Pin-Ups
  • DGD018 Industrial Internship (3 months minimum)
Course Overview

Registration fee: 1000
Course cost: 35,000 (ie. 6000 Monthly)
Exam/Project fee: 3,000

Course Duration: 6 Months