Duration: 3 weeks at 2 hrs per Day or one and half week at 4 hrs per day

Cost: At the Training Centre: 10,000/=

Certificates provided upon course completion, and course workbooks.


PROKON is developed and supported by a team of professional engineers and intended for use by practicing structural engineers. The software provides quick and reliable answers to everyday structural engineering problems. The first PROKON programs were developed in 1989, and today PROKON is used worldwide in over 80 countries.

Every day, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers and Engineering Technicians rely on our software to help streamline their modelling, designing and detailing workloads. PROKON’s success has been attributed mainly to the integrations, not only between our modules but also with third-party software

Your Instructor

A qualified and Civil-Structural Engineering Practioner with minimum 5 years in Design and Analysis of structures.