Adobe Photoshop for Architectural Designs

When referring to the software and digital tools architects use on a daily basis, Photoshop usually comes in a close second to the usual choice of CAD and 3D architecture programs. In architecture, Photoshop can be used for all manner of tasks and in many architectural practices is the primary image creating and editing tool.

Photoshop can be used at a basic or expert level, with many of its users learning at an early age during their education. There is also an abundance of tutorials scattered all over the internet covering just about anything the program is capable of.

Course Description

This course covers all of the following materials:

  • State the primary roles of Photoshop as a premier graphic design and image editing tool
  • Productively utilize the photoshop environment, including the use of Layers, Panels, Channels, Paths, the Toolbox, and the Options Bar
  • Utilize effectively multiple methods to create and save selections
  • Utilize effectively multiple methods of manipulating the exiting artwork and workspace
  • Apply painting, retouching, airbrushing, filters, and adjustment and layer style methods
  • Understand the difference between raster and vector graphics, and its progressive evolution to the photoshop space
  • Show understanding of multiple image types and the best application of each for graphic design, print and the Web
  • Be introduced to advanced theories including the mask, alpha channel and clipping path.
Course Overview
  • Duration: 2 weeks at 2 hours per Day or one week at 4 hrs. per day.
  • Cost: Kshs. 5,000.00
  • Full Payments required starting the short programs.